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February 12, 2019

How to Build Self-Confidence and Practice Self-Love

I strongly believe that confidence can be taught. It takes time and plenty of effort to discover your own path to living with self-confidence, but I know that you can learn it by enforcing a few of these tips I am about to describe. 

Confidence CAN be BUILT!

What to teach yourself how to feel more confident? Keep reading in this post as I talk about my own experiences with confidence and how you can forge your own journey right now. Let 2019 be the year that you become your most confident self, ever!

Start A Gratitude Journal

One of the first steps I took in my journey to feeling more self-confident over the past year was to start journaling. I was a writer when I was younger and I kept dozens of old notebooks where I would jot down all of my ideas, thoughts, and opinions at the tender age of 8. 

Nowadays, people do not have time to keep up with writing a journal. In fact, I feel like most people never pick up a pen or pencil during the day if all they do is complete work tasks on a computer. Ignore the computer screen each night for an hour while you reflect on the day.

Starting a gratitude journal will help you determine what things make you feel happy each day. Write down 3 things that made you feel successful in your journal. The smallest of successes can impact your life, so don't be afraid if one of them is that you were about to talk to a stranger on the street! 

Every person has their own personal struggles and if you were able to talk to a stranger on the street when you never used to look up from your phone, then this should count as one of your successes for the day. 

Instead of focusing a lot of your attention on your failures, due to the negativity bias our brains are wired to experience, you can take an hour of your time to relive the small successes of your day. 

Push Through Your Fear

I am going to share a personal story of a time that I pushed through my fears of public speaking. Yikes!

My e-mails are how I stay in touch with brands, local businesses, etc. One day I looked in my e-mail and I saw an invitation to speak at a panel at the mall.

Initially, I wasn't going to reply.

I wasn't going to accept it at all!

In fact, I left the e-mail alone for days and didn't touch it until I confessed to my sister that I was invited to speak on a panel about influencers at an event.

She helped me push through my fears of public speaking and told me not to miss out on this great experience. Of course, up until the day of the event, I felt nauseous and afraid. What if I got up on stage and blanked? What if I started talking about the wrong topic? All of these "what if" scenarios started floating in my head.

On the day of the Tampa Bay Fashion Week event, I was able to chat with a few of the other panelist speakers which definitely helped me see the power of sharing my life journey with the blogging world with others! The other speakers felt just as nervous as I did, which actually calmed me down a bit knowing that I wasn't alone. We got up on the stage and I ended up talking for the entire length of the event on stage! I am so blessed for that opportunity because it gave me the chance I needed to believe in myself.

Believing in yourself is just one of the steps to feeling confident. I was chosen as a speaker for that event based on my hard work and dedication to my blog. The Tampa community chose ME as one of the main speakers because they trusted my opinions, judgments, and knew that what I offered to the panel was beneficial for the event, too.

I am grateful that I chose to push through my fear of public speaking. Without that event, who knows if I ever would have been given another opportunity to speak on a panel during my lifetime! The fear I had of public speaking will be something that I continue to work on, but the panel event truly opened my eyes to a path of self-confidence because what I said mattered.

Take Care of Yourself

A few more key tips to find success with confidence? Don't neglect your body!

Feeling confident also involves plenty of eating right, exercising, practicing mindfulness, and addressing any ongoing health problems you may face.

Before I felt as confident as do today, I felt so alone and desperate for happiness. I knew that I was living a good life, I had loving parents and friends, but something felt "off" in my head. 

Once I began talking to my therapist I was able to control my negative thoughts and turn them into positive actions. 

Finding awareness of my mental health issues was one of the best decisions I ever did for my body. I learned how to take my anxiety out of the equation when I faced difficult situations, too. 

My self-confidence grew once I figured out how to make better choices to maintain my mental health. Consistent therapy sessions are also why I feel more confident than ever before because now I understand why I get anxious and how I can identify my stressors to deal with them in a positive way. 

Exercising also helps you take charge of your body. You can control exactly what type of exercise you wish to do! From yoga to pilates to karate or boxing, there is a form of exercise for everyone. Cultivate a series of great exercise routines and start eating healthy to get yourself feeling your best.

Improve Your Support System

Your friends and family are the people you spend the most time with besides yourself on a regular basis. It's important to reflect on the people you choose to have in your life on your road to self-confidence.

Are the people you talk, text, message on a daily basis benefiting your life in some way? Do you find that your connections with a certain person help or hinder your growth?

Sometimes we need to remove toxic energy from our lives in order to grow. Even people who we've known for YEARS can be holding us back from finding self-confident. 

You should consider spending your time with people who want to see you perform at your best. The people who acknowledge that you aren't "perfect", but choose to love you anyway. Your support system will be another key factor in building your self-confidence. 

Fill your inner circle with people who want you to succeed. Limit your contact with anyone who doubts you, even if this person is a close relative. You must determine who you let into your life as you continue to set goals to be self-confident this year! 


How DO YOU Pratice Self-Love and Build YOUR Confidence?


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