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5 Cute Spring Hair Accessories You Need to Have

If you haven't seen your Instagram and Pinterest feeds flooded with adorable barrettes and scrunchies by now, well, then it's my job to explain to you the importance of using social media to stay in the know with the latest trends! Ha!

I feel like now more than ever before women and men alike are looking at Instagram and Pinterest for daily inspiration for outfits, hair colors, hair styles, etc. It would be a total lie to say that I don't also scroll through my own feeds to find inspiration for campaign shoots or seasonal outfits.

No longer are young people picking up magazines to scout out the hottest trends while in line at the grocery store. Unfortunately, the changing times have almost depleted the entire magazine industry. Over the years, countless magazine companies have folded. Of course, there are a few major magazine companies in charge of providing our generation with helpful skin care and fitness tips accompanied by the fresh face of a popular celebrity to real us back in.

In these successful magazines, and over on Instagram I've come across an overwhelmingly widespread trend for hair accessories this Spring. When I say hair accessories, I'm referring to hair scarves, hair scrunchies, pearl barrettes, and more.

In today's post, you'll find plenty of hair inspo with these 5 cute spring hair accessories you need to have right now! Let's get into it.

1. Pearl Barrettes

Now I'm first going to mention a popular hair accessory trend that I saw on my friend and local Tampa Blogger, Rechael Roe. Before any other bloggers on Instagram started incorporating the pearl barrettes, I saw them on her long blond hair.

I shot her a quick DM and she gave me the link to purchase my own pair of pearl barrettes from Amazon. Mine arrived in the mail within two days (hello, Amazon Prime!) and I was styling them from the moment I opened my mail. Like, I put clipped them into my hair and took a mirror selfie.

The faux pearl barrettes are fun and romantic, too. I recently wore mine during a photoshoot in the middle of a wildflower field with my friend and photographer, Sara. My look for the shoot was 70s inspired and I brought my barrettes with me (to be quite honest) to pin back my long Barefoot Blonde extensions.

Dress | Shoes | Bag | Barrettes
Sunglasses | Necklace 

Danielle Gervino is another New York lifestyle blogger I follow who recently uploaded a fun Spring hair tutorial featuring her own blonde BFB extensions and faux pearl barrettes.

2. Hair Scrunchies

The 90s called and said they wanted to reinvent hair scrunchies for the modern day.  These scrunchies were SO trendy 20 years ago and the best brands are making them cool again in 2019.

Hair scrunchies easily take your entire look from simple to majorly put-together when you tie up your hair using one. For example, you can wear a pair of mom jeans with a plain white t-shirt and use a colorful hair scrunchie to pull off a half-up-half-down hairstyle for the day. Blogger Kathleen Post loves to put her hair up into this style, too.

I have quite a few hair scrunchies in various colors, but my faves include this satin bow scrunchie from Forever 21 ($1.90), American Eagle chambray and white scrunchie set ($9.95) and pink velvet scrunchies ($12.95) from Pacsun.

3. Knotted Headbands

Call me ahead of the times, but when I originally tried to hunt down knotted headbands as soon as the trend started to gain popularity I could not find any for the life of me!

I went to Target, H&M, Nordstrom, and even places like Five Below to score knotted headbands. Nobody sold them a couple of months ago, let me tell ya! The struggle was real to find anything remotely close to the trendy knotted headbands I started to see more of on my socials.

Top | Pants | Tote | Headband
Earrings | Flats 

Free People and Urban have finally caught the wave. Both retailers sell knotted headbands for good and in all colors of the rainbow. I own a few colors: navy, mustard yellow, black, white, pleated, cherry blossom.

4. Hair Scarves

One other hair accessory trend for Spring and Summer 2019 includes printed hair scarves. Last year, I purchased a set of three long hair scarves for the season from Anthropologie.

All three hair scarves were $30 and there was a white dotted one, tropical one, and a blue striped one. They are no longer available, but the trend has not died down at all since last year.

(similar) Hair Scarf | Earrings | Dress

Fashion blogger Kathleen Post styles her half-up-half-down look using a printed scarf. You can't go wrong with a fun printed scarf in your hair to beat the heat and look fashionable these next few months! I searched through Anthropologie for even more options and my personal must-have is the Rebekah Scarf Ponytail Holder Set for $18.00.

5. Extensions and Faux Braids

One final hair accessory strays from the others I've just mentioned above because it involves HAIR. Actual pieces of hair!

BFB (Barefoot Blonde) Hair extensions are just what you need if you have fine hair like I do. By "fine" hair I mean super thin and lifeless. It takes a village of tools and products to create the volume I would love my hair to have full-time, but thank GOODNESS for the invention of BFB Hair to the rescue!

My color and shade are "Chesnut Seamless" which is described as a mix of deep brown and vibrant red. The shade matches my hair color so perfectly, it's almost scary! I figured I would have to take my extensions down to my hair stylist to dye, but I was thankful to see the colors match beautifully.

What spring accessories are you craving? Let me know in the comments!

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