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Summer Hair Routine: Secrets For Soft and Silky Hair

summer hair routine with amanda burrows the tampa lifestyle blogger of affordable by amanda. she is sharing her secrets for soft and silky hair in her blog post. she uses kristin ess products from target and leave-in conditioner from Ouai.

Today's post is all things hair! I am sharing my tips for soft and silky hair that you can achieve using just a few products for the summer. 

amanda burrows of the blog, affordable by amanda fashion, travel and beauty blogger. she sits on her white bedding and is holding a coffee cup. wearing silk pajamas from walmart.

1. Wash Your Hair 2-3 Times Per Week

One of my first tips for gorgeous hair? Don't wash it that often! This might be a surprise to those of you who absolutely need to wash your hair on a daily basis, but doing so causes more harm to your strands. 

A popular Google search on "How Often Should You Wash Your Hair" will reveal that dermatologists and stylists agree on following a regime that includes washing your hair a few times per week. Washing too frequently can easily dry out your hair. 

Shampoo works to remove excess dirt and oil from your strands which is obviously a good thing -- except when you overdo it! Some dirt left in your hair is just fine. 

Only people who exercise a lot need to shampoo more often than regular people. For those with an oily scalp, washing with shampoo is important. I tend to have an oily scalp with dry ends. My oily scalp is why I like to use a micellar shampoo to remove all of the oils from the top of my head whenever I wash it. The scalp purifying micellar shampoo is a miracle product on the market right now!

photo by cori
photo by reanne

2. Get Rid of Sulfates, Parabens, Harsh Chemicals in Your Shampoo + Conditioner

Be careful when using shampoo products that have harsh ingredients like sulfates, too. Personally, I've switched over to using shampoo and conditioner without parabens, sulfates, or other harsh chemicals. One brand in particular that I love using is Kristin Ess

Known as a stylist to celebs like Lauren Conrad and Lucy Hale, Kristin Ess developed her own line of exclusive hair products available at Target stores. Aside from the chic packaging, Kristin Ess created an entire collection filled with top-notch products for all hair types. 

The One Signature Shampoo and The One Conditioner are what I currently have sitting on my bathroom shelf at the moment. Each of these is also just $10.00. 

hot tools curling wand: summer hair routine by amanda burrows of affordable by amanda blog in tampa

3. Revamp Your Hair Tools Collection

About every three years or so I change out my old hair tools and replace them with newer versions. I've been a fan of Hot Tools hair care products ever since I first walked into the ULTA near my house. I would say that was in high school. 

Hot Tools sells everything from curling wands to hair dryers! Every woman needs a collection of hair tools to help her achieve the best long-lasting style, am I right ladies? My Hot Tools curling wand (pictured above) comes from ULTA. Not only do I love this curling wand, but so does my friend Maddie. Whenever we go out for the night, she will text me and ask me to bring over my curling wand so she can do her hair with this tool in hand. 

My wand is the 1". My wand heats my hair evenly and in no time at all. The highest temperature on this wand is 450 degrees, however, I've learned to reduce the heat and increase the curling time to improve the curl. I bring my curling wand with me on most of my vacations, except when I went to Europe (which was fine because it rained a lot). 

I believe having a curling wand in your hair tool collection can be a vital component to achieving a "lived-in" look. I typically follow this routine with my own hair: I wash my hair using shampoo and conditioner, air dry it or use a blow dryer for light drying, and then add into some curls around my whole head. The next day, my hair will still look fresh once I add in a couple shakes of dry shampoo powder. 

Headboard | Pink Pillows | Bedding / (similar) BeddingTan Pillow | Eucalyptus | Round Pintuck Pillow | Peel + Stick Dot Wallpaper 

4. Buy The Right Styling Products

Long before I found the correct solution to styling my hair to mimic how it looks after I leave a professional hair salon, I continuously suffered from dry hair that fell flat, even after applying a heating tool. The magical solution to achieving a sexy Victoria Secret blow out? PRODUCT!

I used to be terrified of adding extra product to my hair because I thought it would only weigh it down and give me more oil. Yuck! Not too long ago I started slowly integrating one product at a time into my hair styling routine. Wow, how the changes were instant. Of course, I know how much hair stylists and hairdressers love to put a product on my hair while it's wet, but I was still convinced products would give make me look oily.

I realized how important these hair products would be to not only improve the look of my hair but to help smooth out my dryness once and for all. I rely on Kristin Ess Style Reviving Dry Conditioner in more ways than one.

Each day I will spray some of this product into my hair (when dry) to add some more volume and gently detangle my mop of waves. This one hair styling dry conditioner bottle also helps protect your hair from damaging UV rays, protects your hair from color fade, and restores moisture while adding shine. Some reviews online claim they don't like the strong scent found in most of Kristin Ess hair styling products, but I beg to differ. I actually really enjoy the scent and so does my boyfriend and sister when they catch a whiff of my hair!

This is my ultimate style reviving hair care product! Whenever I need to add some much-needed softness to my hair, I spray this guy all over from root to end. 

I enjoy spraying this anytime throughout the day, too. Dry shampoo is awesome for removing all of the dirt and oil build-up from your roots, but then you compromise softness. Use a dry conditioner to bring a healthy glow back to your entire mane. 

Kristin Ess Dry Conditioner

Ouai Leave-In Conditioner

Why depend on a leave-in product to help improve the look and feel of your hair? It's simple. The ingredients don't lie. Packed inside this 4.7 FL OZ bottle of smoothing magic, you'll notice how your hair will instantly feel touchable and silky. 

The ingredients include a blend of amino acids, tamarind seed extract for hydration/elasticity, and vitamin E. I received this bottle inside one of my Fab Fit Fun boxes and didn't touch it for weeks. I finally used a few quick sprays into my damp freshly washed hair and then used my blow dryer for some heat. Each time I shower, I finish drying off my hair with my towel and mist 5-6 sprays of this leave-in conditioner prior to brushing. 

amanda burrows affordable by amanda fashion, travel and beauty blogger. she sits on her white bedding and is holding a coffee cup. wearing silk pajamas from walmart. she is sharing her summer hair routine and sharing secrets for soft and silky hair.

amanda burrows affordable by amanda fashion, travel and beauty blogger. she sits on her white bedding and is holding a coffee cup. wearing silk pajamas from walmart.

Are you loving any hair products right now? Share with me in the comments below. 

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  1. OMG! I have never even heard of dry conditioner before. I'm definitely going to try this out. Do you know if it works on kinky hair?