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5 Things To Do After Publishing a New Blog Post

Third coffee in hand, you finally wrap up a long-awaited makeup tutorial on your blog. Your followers have been asking you on Instagram DM to see what products you are constantly wearing in your pictures. 

Inhaling a deep breath, you hit "publish" and your entire blog post is live on the Internet for all to see. Now what? These are the 5 must-do things after you hit publish to make sure your detailed post succeeds. 

the 5 must-do things after you hit publish to make sure your detailed post succeeds.

Some of my favorite types of blog posts to publish to Affordable by Amanda include blogging tips, makeup advice, and budget-friendly outfit looks. However, the posts that perform the best are ones that I plug all over my social channels.

As soon as I finish typing up a 2000+ word blog post, the last thing I want to do is spend an extra hour of my time posting it onto my other platforms, but this is SO vital for success! I also typically break down the amount of time I spend working on one individual post so I am not burnt out all in one day and decide not to continue sharing my proud work to all of my other outlets. One long post consisting of 2000+ words can take me anywhere from 2-3 days.

If I spent one single day devoting all of my energy to finishing the post I would burn out and want to toss my computer out the window, HA. I also need more time to dig deeper into my creative thoughts to organize what advice I want to write out and I constantly think of new ideas after taking breaks in between writing such in-depth tips. I want to perform at my best and that means taking a few days to process everything I want to write out. Once I successfully organize all of my thoughts and produce the type of content I see fit for the post, I hit publish. Of course, I do the usual grammar checks and make sure my photos look crisp and clear, but I also pay attention to the steps necessary to spread the word on my brand new blog post.

1. Upload Images Embedded Within the Blog Post to Pinterest Boards

The first thing you need to do after you hit publish on your new post (besides taking a nap!) is to send the images included within your blog post over to your Pinterest page. Now I've written SO many lengthy blog posts covering the importance of Pinterest (see this post HERE) and this post will not be centered around how you can grow your Pinterest, but rather why you need to send your post images over to Pinterest to entice new readers to click-through and check out your detailed post.

pinterest upload your pictures 5 things to do after publishing a new blog post

Pinterest is your blog's BFF. The two go together like peanut butter and jelly. One is not happy without the other. I hope this analogy helps you see just how vital I want Pinterest to sound for your blog traffic to soar.

amanda burrows a tampa blogger shares her pinterest tricks and tips to going from 1,000 monthly views to over 100,000 monthly views on her Pinterest page.

For example, what I do with the images I include within the context of my brand new blog post is to upload each individual image to my Pinterest boards by category. I have my Pinterest boards divided by "Summer Fashion Inspiration", "Beauty Inspiration", and even "Home Decor Inspiration". Obviously, the image I post to each respective board needs to be relevant to the title. For my summer outfit looks, I post the hi-res images of me styling new ruffle skirts or jeans to the summer fashion board. When it comes to all things beauty-related, I choose my beauty inspiration board. Each Pinterest board serves its own purpose for categorizing my content to reach the best potential traffic source.

2. Share Your New Blog Post to Facebook

My blog post traffic also sees huge success when I post about it to Facebook. You may be thinking that Facebook is the LAST platform you'd ever want to post about your blog, but I digress! Use Facebook like you would Pinterest.

I have a solid following of 700 people (of all ages, too) who engage with my Facebook updates more and more. I also use Facebook as a way to share more updates than I do on Instagram, too. If there is a sale going on at a top retailer, I let my Facebook friends and followers know before I do on Instagram. Facebook has the potential to create even more traffic back to your new blog post if you start building up a loyal following on this platform.

Forget the assumption that Facebook is only reserved for the older crowd. I see my 20-something friends sharing their own life updates to Facebook on a daily basis. My friends who also run their own blog websites use Facebook, too!

I am inspired by the blogging gals that I follow who post a new update every morning sharing their latest blog post. It's also so convenient for me to be scrolling through Facebook on my phone and click to read the entire post via mobile. I enjoy posting to my personal and business Facebook accounts because I believe it can be highly transactional. I have my Instagram following and then I have my Facebook following and the two groups consist of different demographics for me to reach with my brand new blog posts.

3. Create Captivating Instagram Stories to Spread the Word

This is a newer tip I must include in my 5 things to do after publishing a new blog post. Instagram stories are continuing to thrive as another great outlet to share information with your followers. Staying active on Instagram Stories can benefit your Instagram page and show your feed to even more people!

Tampa Blogger Amanda Burrows of Affordable by Amanda Shares the top 6 reasons why you're getting fewer likes on Instagram

For your IG stories, pop over to apps like Canva or Unfold or StoryLuxe to add in your latest images with playful and funky backgrounds and on-brand colorings. I also recently started utilizing the power of adding video content to IG stories. The app mojo - stories editor is one of the best out there (thanks for sharing it, Danielle!) to create a visually appealing story complete with upbeat background tunes.

Each time I publish a new blog post, I turn to IG stories to talk about it! I show myself on the camera in real time to discuss what people can find in the post and why they need to swipe up to read it. I also include some visuals for the sake of showing my audience pretty videos with sound and interactive features to keep them interested in checking up on my stories in the future, too.

I mean, let's face it, IG stories are just so much fun! Instead of crafting the "perfect" Instagram caption (yawn) for all of your thousands of followers to read, you can go to town focusing on promoting elsewhere by using IG stories to make your true personality SHINE. I am a creative person by nature {gee, is it obvious? ;) } and so IG stories help me channel my inner graphic designer who loves mixing up text, font colors, imagery, music, and more. Any creative person will rock their own IG stories and it's yet another step to do after you publish a brand new blog post to your site.

4. Reply to Comments with Genuine Feedback

Another pro tip to boosting thousands of page views over to your brand new blog post is to reply to the comments left on the post by your readers. I typically wait a few days so the comments section has 1-4 comments and then I add in a personal response back to the person who took time out of their day to leave feedback!

Feedback in the comments section is also helpful for SEO. Comments do affect the ranking of your blog posts. These relevant comments will help attract organic traffic back to the post, too. If you take a look back at old blog posts, it's also a good idea to remove the unnecessary comments that are completely irrelevant to the content of the post.

In addition to responding to the genuine comments left on a new blog post, I also take extra time out of my day to post my blog link to the Style Collective link page that I am part of. This exclusive community allows bloggers to post their links to share new blog posts on a daily basis. I will plug my brand new blog post on the link page for other girls to read and hopefully leave some genuine comments! I return the favor by taking a look at the other links dropped by my fellow bloggers and leaving my own genuine comments. I highly recommend joining the fun in the Style Collective community if you are not already a member! I wrote a post dedicated to how my blogging career has benefited from the community and you can easily read that post HERE.

5. Post an In-Feed Photo From the Blog Post

One of the final things I check off my blog post to-do list inevitably includes posting a photo onto my Instagram feed. I choose one of my favorite shots from the shoot and pick it to upload to my feed during my ideal posting time (read more about that HERE).

After I choose my photo, I spend time thinking of the right caption to accommodate the picture. Am I sharing a beauty post? I might include something along the lines of writing out a question asking my followers if they prefer to take showers in the morning or night. Some type of interactive caption usually draws in more attention.
5 Things To Do After Publishing a New Blog Post

Be sure to respond to comments on the picture and add a call to action where you can tell your followers to either A) check out the link found in your profile to read the rest of the post or B) swipe up over in your IG stories to read the post that way. Both are excellent ways to move your Instagram followers over to your blog post and drive blog traffic to your website.

Rinse and repeat these 5 steps for each new blog post that you publish! 

5 Things To Do After Publishing a New Blog Post : Amanda Burrows New Blog Post

You want your website to be highly engaging for people to bookmark and come back to time and time again. Also, if you choose to make your blog profitable, you need to apply these things on a regular basis to improve your readership and ultimately convert your followers into paying customers. 


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  7. These are all great tips! Thank you!


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