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What I Wore to The Pumpkin Patch + The $28 Corduroy Pants You Need This Fall!

What I Wore to The Pumpkin Patch + The Corduroy Pants You Need This Fall!


I am prepping for a busy couple of weekends in October and November which is why I really wanted to focus on visiting a pumpkin patch sometime soon! October keeps trekking on and I needed to fill my fall pumpkin picking void by driving over to a local pumpkin patch in Pinellas Park. This patch had white pumpkins and plenty of orange pumpkins for Brian and me to choose from. The two of us spent the majority of our Sunday relaxing and watching our new Netflix obsession The Politician. A quick insight into the show -- it covers a lot of heavy topics, such as suicide and mental health, so I would be prepared to see the show dive deeper into those important topics as you play a new episode. All in all the acting is fantastic in the show and the storyline keeps you intrigued from start to finish.

As soon as the sun started to go down, I steamed my new pair of corduroy pants from Target and decided what top to wear with them. I ultimately went with this creamy floral printed H&M top. Of course, I needed to top off my look (literally) with a felt floppy hat, which is why I am wearing my blush pink one from Target. The iPhone photos Brian captured of my outfit turned out perfect as the sun set behind us and we carefully looked through the pumpkin patch for our two chubby orange winners. Thankfully, I kept some extra cash inside my crossbody bag and we were able to pay for the pumpkins to take back home with us!

Women's High-Rise Wide Leg Cropped Corduroy Pants - A New Day™


These wide-leg pants for less than $30 are essential for fall! Corduroy, in general, has made a major comeback this season and if you want to walk around feeling on-point, I recommend checking out these Target pants to do the trick! As for sizing details, Target has me all over the place! Ugh! I will say that this specific pair of pants will fit traditionally. For example, with the juniors section of Target, I can wear anything from a size 2-6. I have boyfriend jeans from Target in a size 4. This pair of corduroy pants fits traditional in the sense that I needed to size up to an 8. THEY RUN SMALL!


The 6 was too tight for me because the pants also lack any stretch! The 8 fit me just right. Online it says a medium would be anywhere from a size 8-10. The pair I wore to the pumpkin patch is in the color "brown" and Target also has a "cream" version available! Just a heads up, I felt like the cream version appeared see-through which is another reason why I opted for the brown color instead. 

What I Wore to The Pumpkin Patch + The Corduroy Pants You Need This Fall!


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