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friday favorites

friday favorites

This is not a beauty related product, but I drink these so often that I needed to write about them! La Croix waters are just carbonated water. No calories. No sodium. I love drinking all types of flavors, but I especially love the Lime and the Grapefruit ones. You can find this drink at a lot of grocery stores, like Target!

I got this camera when it was on sale at Micheal's! Usually these run for $100, but since Michael's allows you to use competitors coupons I used a Jo Ann's 50% coupon to get it! Urban Outfitters also sells the camera for $100. I was so excited to get this camera. I am loving the Polaroid craze right now. I have been taking a few photos during my best friend's birthday and now I am going to use it for mine!

This product is nice for people with oily skin who want just a light/medium coverage throughout the day. My roommate's sister had this product in her bathroom and she let me try it out! I ended up wearing it once more and I now own it because my roommate gave it to me for my birthday! I wear the lightest shade 01. I like the thickness of this product because it feels mousse-like which is something I gravitate toward. It is $18

I was at ULTA the other day, and this product caught my attention. I always love the new spring makeup. Maybelline is one of my favorite brands! I wear their eyebrow pencils,  mascara, and dream powder already. This is a new matte powder that I purchased for $7.99. I am using it as a finishing powder over my foundation, and so far I like it. The finish is a white powder so make sure you don't make the mistake of putting too much on like I did! Less is more. 

What have you been loving for this first week of February!? Let me know!
Also, tomorrow is my birthday! Make sure to follow along with me as I travel to Orlando to celebrate. It would mean so much to mean!


  1. Have a nice weekend :)
    Great blog, would you like to follow each other ? ♥

  2. Great blog dear <3 What do you say to a common observation?
    Start first and tell me;)

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  4. The Tea Tree BB seems really cool! I'll keep that in mind the next time I run out of foundation. Thanks for the recommendation!

    Kindness is the best accessory,
    Rebecca -

  5. The powder sounds really good, should give it a go since I use foundation from the same line! Thanks for sharing!


  6. I love my polaroid camera too! Film is kind of pricy, but so worth it! I also just wanted to let you that I've nominated you for a Liebster Award because I love reading your blog!



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