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Tea Tuesday #2

Another Tea Tuesday Post!

Being a college student, Starbucks cafes are everywhere in town. My campus has about five different locations..which makes it that much harder to ignore the temptation to grab a nice iced or hot drink in-between classes. I usually get a few drinks every week so I figured I could turn my obsession into a helpful blog post for this week! I am going to share some of my favorite Starbucks teas and how I order them today.

When it's cold outside...
My favorite drinks when the weather turns chilly are hot herbal teas. One of my favorites is the Jade Citrus Mint Brewed Tea. This tea is the perfect combination of citrus and mint! I add in some honey whenever I get this drink for a little added sweetener. 

An old favorite that they no longer sell is the TAZO Zen Green Tea. This tea was my favorite! It was the best hot tea in my opinion. I would get a tall cup of this tea and add in some honey and even some lemon juice. You can still pick up this tea at Target  if you would like to try it out. Another TAZO tea that I love is the Calm Chamomile. This is on sale at Target for only $3! This is a relaxing tea that is great when you are stressed or tired. 

Another favorite is the Teavana Youthberry Brewed Tea. The new partnership between Teavana and Starbucks is a great match, even though I will miss my TAZO green tea. The two companies are my favorite places to get tea from! This tea has notes of acai berries and sweet pineapple. 

When it's hot outside...
I have a ton of options for when it is hot outside and you want a refreshing cold tea. On the top of my list are the Iced Green, Black, or Passion Tango teas. The green tea is a classic tea that I can drink super fast when it's hot out. The Starbucks employees shake the teas and that truly helps incorporate all the great flavors. Each tea except the Passion Tango has roughly 40-45 mg of caffeine, too. These drinks are also relatively inexpensive. They range from $2-4. You can read the health benefits of these teas in my last Tea Tuesday! I order either a tall or grande, light ice, unsweetened {or half the sweetener} because I normally drink unsweetened teas!

A special treat I get during the summertime is the Oprah Chai Tea Latte. These drinks are more expensive, about $3.45 for a tall, so I don't buy them as often as the other iced teas. This tea is a blend of cinnamon, black tea, and rooibos, served with milk. This drink is also about 200 calories. How do I order mine? I get a tall or grande size, with soy milk, light ice, and one and a half pumps of syrup. Chai is a healthy alternative to coffee. It has cancer-preventing properties, prevents colds, helps with pms, reduces bloating, and boosts energy (source). Also, a portion of the proceeds from these drinks goes to Oprah's charity to benefit youth education!

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