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tell 'em that it's your birthday

This weekend I celebrated my 21st birthday in Orlando, Florida with a group of friends and family! We stayed at an amazing Westgate Hotel that made us feel right at home with two bedrooms, a kitchen, and televisions. We ate a nice dinner on Friday, and went to Disney on Saturday. I wanted to share some of my photos from this weekend to give you a little peek into my birthday celebration! Thanks to everyone who wished me a happy birthday, it truly was an amazing time! 

I am also planning on writing a Makeup of the Night post
& a What Free Birthday Gifts You Need to Get post for this week!

 Friday Night Dinner
Dress from TJ Maxx // Earrings from Rocksbox
Get my EXACT dress from Ebay for $25!
The earrings I have are the Perry Street Alta Earrings
Rocksbox is this awesome jewelry subscription service that delivers you gorgeous pieces every month based on your style! If you want to use my FREE one month trial of Rocksbox, apply the code amandabff589 at sign up!

Nicole, Kayla, Me, Jessica at dinner

My sister made this adorable tea cup plate for me! Since I have an obvious obsession with Tea, (have you read Tea Tuesday #1 or #2 yet?) part of my birthday theme was Alice in Wonderland's Mad Tea Party. She used sharpie and drew this beautiful plate that was the perfect place for the macaroons. I was so shocked to see these! There were chocolate, strawberry, lavender, and mint macaroons. 

 Right when midnight hit we went to get a drink! This is me showing my I.D. to order my first cocktail. I ordered a Berry Mojito, and it was delicious!

Saturday in Disney
This is at Magic Kingdom! I found a princess chair and a crown to wear in the store.
 I love this candid shot. I wore my Cheshire cat t-shirt, some grey leggings, and a zip-up jacket along with this Longchamp backpack! (I purchased mine from a resale shop for only $16! Best find in awhile) Make sure to read the next few posts for more birthday related content!



  1. Happy birthday!! I love the dress that you wore, it's absolutely gorgeous!

    A Pile of Good Things

  2. Happy belated birthday! Sounds like you had a great weekend!


    1. Thanks so much Colleen! It was a great way to spend time with my friends and family! :)


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