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the unexpected items you need to be a fashion blogger

When I first began my blogging journey in July 2014, I had no idea just how popular fashion bloggers were and how there is an entire culture behind it. In my first year of starting my blog, I was only familiar with a few fashion bloggers, like The College Prepster, Southern Pearls & Curls, and Poor Little It Girl. Now I've come to realize there is a whole community of bloggers that I never knew about! I also learned a thing or to about what unexpected items one might have to run a modern-day blog, Instagram, and social media presence. This post is to be taken lightly--because I am just pointing out some things I noticed I started to gradually own because of my blog aesthetic! Below is a list of things I never thought I would actually own and what items I see among current fashion bloggers. I hope you find this slightly comical and if you are also a fashion blogger, very relatable!!

A List of Unexpected Items You Need to Be a Fashion Blogger
Granite Counter tops 
{for Instagrams & great blog pics}
White Furniture
White Sheets 
{again, for clean photos on Instagram}
Fresh Flowers 
{they add a colorful/complete element to a picture}
Clear plastic trays for makeup/jewelry 
Mugs with sayings on them
Anthropolgie Candles 
A Bedroom with Natural Light
A Plain White Posterboard
A Gallery Wall
Statement Necklaces
A Magazine Subscription
A Customized Blog Template 
{mine is from Etsy}

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