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quick sunburn remedies

So you stayed outside a little too long and bam! your skin is bright red, itchy, hot, and uncomfortable. Ever been there? I sure have! As someone with super pale skin I frequently burn with even the slightest sun exposure. Even car rides, how annoying is that! And so have plenty of my of them came over to my house to this past weekend and she was suffering from sun blisters and redness on her face. I quickly thought of some ideas to ease to pain and wanted to dedicate a post to helping those who find themselves in need of remedies.

1. Cucumber Gel Mask

This product softens skin on contact, takes the redness away, and gives a nice cooling sensation. I used the Peter Thomas Roth Cucumber Gel Mask in order to give my friend instant hydration because her face had some dry patches. She loved this product because it helped give her quick relief! Cucumbers have natural antioxidant properties and

2. Mix Moisturizer {$9} and Grapeseed Oil w/ Vitamin E {only $4.29}

Using a leightweight and oil-free moisturizer, I mixed in some grapeseed oil and applied this to her face after the mask was on for 10 minutes. Grapeseed oil has benefits for treating sunburns, too! It is a helpful to minimize the effects of sunburns when applied to the skin. It also mixes so well with a moisturizer to create a combination of healing ingredients to really combat the aftermath of sun damage. Vitamin E also decreases inflammation.
3. Drink Water and Use an Ice Pack
Go old-fashioned: stay hydrated and drink tons of water! Applying an ice pack to the parts of your body that hurt will also ease your pain quickly.

4. Take a bath!
You have a few options here: take a milk bath, oatmeal bath, or a bath with apple cider vinegar to help promote the healing process.

Hope all these options help you during the summer! Remember to always carry sunscreen and re-applying is the key to staying away from future sunburns!
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