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I've gathered some of my favorite articles to help you save major $$ (and find out how other people are making money). I am working on creating my own versions of these articles, but for now I wanted to share some that I've found useful.

1.How to Save Money at Costco
This card comes in handy when you want to stock up on the essentials!!

2. Weird Jobs Millenials are Working for Cash
This is a fun read- psychology studies, dressing up as Clifford, and trying on jeans are just a few of the crazy ways people are making money right now!

3. Money Making Apps
From Target to using the TV, this article has some creative ways to earn extra cash by utilizing your smartphone!

4. Common Thrift Store Finds You Can Flip To Make Money
Let the old turn into NEW cash in your wallet! This article helps you identify items that may be worth more than the few dollars you spend on them.

5. How to Make Money Selling Your Stuff
Cleaning out your closet never felt so good! Sell your old things online because it can be easier than ever before to make a quick return on your gently used items!

I hope these articles help you out! I am still on vacation in New York, so I will try to keep posing as much as I can! But for now follow me on social media below. I went to NYC yesterday and have some new photos to share on Instagram. Thanks for stopping by!

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