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Palm Print Pants + Floppy Hat for $19

When we drove through parts of West Palm Beach, I realized how close we were to the beautiful gardens and suggested that we stop off to check them out. Little did I know how gorgeous the landscape would actually be! The gardens I am talking about are called The Society of The Four Arts located in Palm Beach. The greenery was breathtaking and it made the perfect place for shooting my outfit of the day, which includes my favorite floppy hat from Nordstrom Rack. I am breaking out the white for spring right now with this off-the-shoulder top and super festive palm print pants. My earrings are a purchase from my vacation and they are STILL ON SALE for $17.50. We wandered into a Japanese garden and there were tons of organic orchids blooming straight out of tree branches. A few other elements included a wishing well and a hidden door, by which I took one of the photos above. I'm so glad we stopped by the gardens for a quick visit because walking around the premise turned out to be a wonderful idea.
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