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Pinterest Traffic Tips + Tricks for Bloggers: Grow From 10k to 100k Views

Lately, I've been pouring a lot of my time into my Pinterest page. At first, I was solely paying attention to growing my Instagram feed and page to reach X amount of followers.

Then I reconsidered the power of my blog and how much time and energy I focus on typing out content and taking photos for Affordable by Amanda. 

Now my goal is for my blog to be seen by more people! It's all about traffic, guys. Getting people to visit your site can be a huge challenge.

Thankfully, I have Pinterest as my secret weapon to drawing in thousands of new organic blog views each month to Affordable by Amanda!

Instead of focusing my attention on my Insta page, I am turning to Pinterest as a source of marketing for my brand. Yes, Instagram is ONE vital component to growing a successful online business, but Pinterest comes in at a close second. The platform continues to change over the years and in my opinion, it keeps getting better and better for influencers.

Pinterest gives me the opportunity to explore more topics, too. I can upload my latest photos to my Pinterest page that are not just fashion images but are high-quality beauty and lifestyle shots. Pinterest allows me to categorize my images. Each photo will be uploaded to a separate category on my Pinterest page for even more organization.

Want to find out how I achieved over 100K monthly views on my Pinterest page since last month?

Keep reading this post to discover my top tips + tricks for mastering Pinterest in 2019.

1. Organize Your Boards

One of the easiest tips I can offer you to start doing right at this moment is to organize your boards. If you have empty boards that you never use at all or boards that take up space, DELETE them!

Turn your attention to the boards that bring you the most traffic. Keep it simple and break down your favorite categories to have 5-6 boards in total. I have a beauty board, food board, and two fashion boards for winter and summer looks.

Too many boards can look clunky.

You also want to put your time and energy into making a few boards look as clean as possible. Be sure to add a cover image to all of your boards to look cohesive and sleek.

When naming your boards, come up with a popular keyword to identify the board. 

You want your followers to immediately look at your board name and know exactly what to expect. When you consider adding a fashion board, think about breaking down fashion into multiple seasons by including a winter, spring, fall, and summer board for more specific pins.

After you name your boards, don't forget to include a few sentences in the description area. Adding a description to your boards will also be important for search purposes. A description will help you be found by other users!

Include images that match up with the category of each board to help your followers find exactly what they are searching for when they visit your Pinterest.

2. Join Group Boards

My Pinterest traffic truly grew from less than 1,000 monthly views to over 50,000 monthly views as soon as I joined a few group boards.

Group boards are important to join on a platform such as Pinterest. You need to work daily to get your blog name out there! Pinterest has so much circulated content available and you have to find a way to jump into the fire.

Don't be afraid to join a group board with thousands of other contributors! A successful group board has plenty of contributors to cycle through the content posted to the board. In fact, the more people who belong to the group, the higher your chances are to be "re-pinned" by them.

Spread the word about you and your blog with the help of group boards.

Do not neglect "re-pining" other people's pins!

Although it feels great sending your work into the group board on a regular basis, you have to reciprocate the favor. Be sure to pick your own favorite images and pin them to your personal boards, too.

What my current profile looks like on my Pinterest account

The monthly views I've seen since January 2019

Get the word out about your friend's blogs and they will no doubt return the gesture in time. Pinterest is a collaborative effort.

You want to join groups to help each other out! Pinterest has turned into a community and you should join forces with other users to grow together on the platform. There is room for everyone.

3. Add Hashtags to Your Image Description

Although Pinterest is not as hashtag-crazy as Instagram can be, you should still implement a few keywords into the description section of your photo.

Simple hashtags such as "#fashion" and "winterstyle" and "#newblogpost" are popular to include in your image description.

Focus on what hashtags are relevant to your picture. 

Are you wearing a fur coat in the picture? Add a hashtag for fur coats. It's also a good idea to use hashtags that have the most pins for optimal exposure on the site.

4. Share Branded Content with Vertical Images

When it comes to sharing your content on Pinterest, follow the golden rules.

Vertical images perform MUCH better than horizontal ones. Gorgeous Pinterest graphics do not involve a ton of professional help. Nowadays, there are a lot of free resources to guide you through the process of editing and designing your own Pinterest graphics. 

Branded Pinterest images are also ideal if you plan on uploading a lot of content to Pinterest for people to recognize you. Stick to the same color palette to create a cohesive look with all of your branded images.

If you need guidance to create images for your Pinterest page, check out these tips from Danielle Gervino, a New York blogger who has helped me increase my monthly page views with her steps to beautiful vertical marketing graphics! 

Do what Pinterest says and start crafting your own vertical images to share on your profile. Vertical images are easier to share and will draw in new visitors because they are pleasing to the eye, too. Use the website Canva, like I do, to create your own unique marketing images.

Canva now has an entire section for Pinterest images to make our lives much easier, too. These templates are insanely easy to play with so you can make small adjustments to develop the brand look and feel of your dreams.

5. Boost Your Rich Pins

Let's say one of your pins went viral.

Congrats! That is such a great achievement. What you need to do next is boost that pin so even more people can see it.

If your monthly spending budget allows, spend a couple of extra bucks turning that successful pin into a converting machine.

I promote a few of my rich pins each month, depending on my budget. I have had a lot of success with certain pins going "viral" and bringing in thousands of organic page views to my Pinterest and blog sites.

Pinterest will tell you in the "Pinterest Analytics" tab what pins are considered rich. Rich pins have the chance to bring traffic back over to your main blog, too. When the rich pins are linked to your main blog they will move visitors from your Pinterest page to your blog which is a great tactic to gain more action on your blog page.

6. Put In The Time

Growing my monthly Pinterest views also took time.

I was seeing steady 50k-60k monthly views for the last year until this month when I finally hit 100k.

I spend a few hours each night on my Pinterest app and on my laptop scrolling through my feed to re-pin a lot of cute and relevant content to my personal taste. You want your Pinterest to be a reflection of yourself, so concentrate on posting things that you genuinely love.

Are you into quotes? Create a separate tab in one of your boards and pin a bunch of inspiring quotes and messages that pop up. Do you like drugstore beauty bargains? Add another separate area in your beauty board specifically highlighting your favorite drugstore finds.

Spending a few hours each day on Pinterest will generate the response you are looking for. Your traffic will boom in a matter of weeks once you implement a few of these strategies that I have personally seen results from over the last month.

Ready to Finally Succeed at Pinterest?

Pinterest is the ultimate visual search engine.

Use this to your advantage to draw in new visitors to your blog page.

Check out my Pinterest boards for even more helpful tips + tricks to succeed in the blogging industry.


  1. Loved your tips Amanda! I think group boards is a great way to expand your reach on Pinterest, and also adding valuable keywords or hashtags. It's amazing how many people click through back to your site after!

  2. I love all these ideas! Boosted pins are something I haven't tried, but I'll have to at some point. Thank you for sharing!

  3. This is some great advice!! Mine grew and then I slacked and haven't done anything in a while. Luckily I have two amazing pins that get re-pinned on the daily which is crazy to me LOL. Thats the majority of my traffic, so now I kinda know what I should prob post about again soon!! xoxo