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How I Survive The Campaign Process

blogging advice how to survive the campaign process with tampa blogger amanda burrows from affordable by amanda wearing a chambray dress from target

You've easily read over hundreds of blog pages, Pinterest pins, Instagram captions, and so on describing how to land campaigns with brands, right?

Well, what they DON'T include in a lot of these posts (mine included!) is the process of staying sane while you check off each task associated with a sponsored post. There is a lot that goes into the behind-the-scenes of creating beautiful content with a written copy.

This post will cover my tips for surviving the campaign process as you land sponsored deal after sponsored deal in the blogging industry!

1. First: Land the Sponsored Deal

The first step in the entire campaign process is to land the sponsored deal. Once you secure a brand deal you can look over the terms and conditions associated with the deal.

The brand deals that I've landed through Influencer websites, such as Cohley and Brandbacker, do not have set "contracts". These influencer platforms are able to negotiate with brands to determine the terms on each campaign. Some of these platforms offer products in exchange for posts, while others do offer payment.

If you are working directly with a brand, they will most likely send over a contract for you to look over all of the terms and payment information for the campaign. Have someone else look over these forms with you just in case. I will usually send over contracts to my blogger friends if I feel unsure about something included in the content of the contract.

2. Before You Start Creating Content: Negotiate The Terms

This may seem like an easy task, but so many bloggers forget to negotiate! The terms and conditions with your contract are specific to you. That means you have the ability to alter any part of the contract if you desire a higher rate in exchange for your deliverables.

Each deliverable (a piece of content produced) should have its own rate assigned by you.

For example, I charge a different amount for an Instagram post than I do for an entire blog post. While in the process of negotiating terms, be sure to account for the time and energy devoted to creating content for the brand. Basically, don't work for free.

Don't leave out: photography fees, travel fees, etc.

Surviving the campaign process also means you are fairly compensated for your time and deliverables. Back when I was starting out on my blogging journey, you bet I accepted every single product I was e-mailed about!

Nowadays, I am much pickier when it comes to accepting sponsored content or even free products in exchange for socials. I would have to say that staying true to my "brand" and what makes me "who I am" has definitely helped me curate my own individual style and appeal that I can sell to brands to make money from all of my hard work, so you can TOO.

3. Sign the Campaign Contract

Sign the contract sent to you by a brand after carefully looking it over a few times. I recommend breaking down the contract and taking your time with it so you don't accidentally sign a contract that gives the brand control over your content.

Contracts are binding for both the influencer and the brand. If a brand fails to pay you in a timely manner for your work, you can reach out to them and see what the trouble is behind the scenes. If I don't hear back from a brand with a reason why my payment is late, I will send follow-up e-mails to the campaign managers.

4. Brainstorm Original Content Ideas

After I accept a campaign, I brainstorm exact content ideas to make the partnership come to life through my eyes.

What's neat about working with brands is how you can take a product that everyone has access to (such as shampoo or razors) and make it stand out based on your individual taste. Influencers that are successful can take a simple idea and turn it into a beautiful expression of their character and aesthetic to entice their followers to check out. 

Ultimately, you want to brainstorm original content ideas to incorporate your brand message into the campaign to sell the product. Brands want to see a successful campaign between the influencer and the brand with real results, such as link clicks and purchases.

For example, I recently teamed up with a feminine hygiene product on a campaign. I am sharing the details of this campaign next month so I will be a little vague about it for now!

I accepted the campaign, the platform accepted my rates, and then the brainstorming process started in my head. I was thinking to myself, "How can I show off this product without being super obvious?" I feel like the more easily you can show off a product in a natural and organic form, the better reaction you will receive from your followers.

I finally chose to act as if I was pulling the product out of my purse to show that I use the product on the go and the photo series turned out great in my opinion! I have to hear back from the brand before I can sign off on this campaign which brings me to the next point...

5. Send Content Back to the Brand for Review

Once you come up with your brilliant content idea, capture the idea on your camera or iPhone, and edit the photos with coordinating text, the next step is to send the content off for review.

Some brands will accept your content right away while others want you to change things around. Some important features included for most content is to have:

  • #AD or #SPONSORED to adhere to FTC Guidelines
  • The brand name tagged on Instagram/Facebook
  • The brand name mentioned within the caption of the photo
  • The brand name mentioned in a Swipe Up feature
  • Links to the bran in your profile for 24 hours
Once your content is sent over to the brand, the brand has a few days to check everything out to make sure you completed all of the necessary requirements before you hit publish. 

Of course, it's also a good idea to double check this for your own sake. Look at each separate requirement in detail to confidently e-mail over your content for review to give yourself less to worry about, too. 

amanda burrows from the blog affordable by amanda is wearing Summertime Rules Apply Light Violet Two Piece Set in purple from shop red dress boutique online boutique for spring fashion

amanda burrows from affordable by amanda is wearing Summertime Rules Apply Light Violet Two Piece Set by shop red dress boutique

Summertime Rules Apply Light Violet Two Piece Set by Red Dress Boutique on Affordable by Amanda, local tampa-based fashion and beauty blogger

red dress boutique Summertime Rules Apply Light Violet Two Piece Set

I've had brands send me back NUMEROUS revisions before I was able to hit publish on anything. Don't be discouraged if you are sent back content for revision. Some brands are pickier than others, it's just the truth of the matter.

It's important to have proper communication with the brand to ensure that the content you created does not go to waste, either. 

Have a clear idea about what the brand is looking for by doing your research and scoping out the kind of content they feature on their pages. For example, if you work with Billabong, you should most likely hit the beach and find a great location to shoot your outfit look by the water to match their feed aesthetic! 

6. Hit Publish on Approved Content

The next and most rewarding part about surviving your campaign? Hitting publish on your content! Woo! 

Completing a campaign can make you feel all types of ways. From happiness to a sigh of relief, some campaigns leave you feeling eager to start all over again while others you are simply GLAD to be done with. Ha! Not every campaign process is "perfect". 

Putting your creative juices out there and really finding your path in the blogging industry takes plenty of time, don't think you can be an instant success in one campaign! I started out doing paid work a few years ago and man oh man has my style transformed over time. 

However, one campaign at a time has taught me about creating a method that works for me to accomplish the next campaign I take under my belt on time. Each campaign is another opportunity for you to learn from your mistakes, let that be a lesson you take away from this blog post today.  


  1. Negotiating the terms is SO vital!! Great tips!

  2. #1 fan here. You're the best ��

  3. Thanks for the helpful tips. I'm still learning as a blogger, and this post was very informative about working with brands. Keep up the great work! :)


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